Tools: Articulate Storyline, Vyond, Google Docs for Instructional Design Document

Project Description: I designed Module 3 on this project.  The entire project was built with a collaborative team, and an SME from the Massage Therapy Foundation. This course was built for Massage Therapists to incorporate  Research Literacy in their practice.

Impact: As Massage Therapists become more educated on Research Literacy, they are able to better serve their clients through their knowledge of research. This organization is global, and has the potential to reach clients nationwide through the Massage Therapy Foundation.  This course  was featured on the IDOL World website at the bottom of the page and on the Become an IDOL Podcast.

Tools: Completed in Adobe Captivate Voice-Over done in Adobe Audition

Project Description:  Created a training for citizens to become educated regarding gun purchase and ownership.

Tools:  Completed in Articulate Storyline, Voice Over completed in Adobe Audition.

Project Description:  (Course is almost the exact same as on the left but completed in a different authoring tool.) 

Tools: Google Slides, Google Docs

Project Description: Training for which members of any organization can learn to create and share Google Docs successfully. This training was originally built for Educators and Business organizations as part of my Certificate requirements for Instructional Design at the University of Georgia.

Impact:  This training can be used for any organization: Education, Non-Profit, Business

Tools: Articulate Rise, Snagit, Voice-Over created in Adobe Audition, Google Docs

Project Description: Training in how to create a Sign-Up List in Google Docs. 

Impact: This training can be used for any organization.

Mathematics_Grade_1_Term_1_Worksheet_pg_10_-_Count_on_Me_(Numbers_1-10) (1).pdf

e-learning in math

Tools: Articulate Storyline

Project Description: I designed this module for students in Jamaica.  It was developed from the PDF on the left.

Impact: This project was designed for 1st grade Math students in Jamaica.  This is an ongoing project in helping students gain learning experiences online through Unicef.  The project was designed for students that may be limited in English fluency. Click here for the link to the project.

Tools: Articulate Storyline

Project Description: This is another module I  designed  for students in Jamaica.  It was also developed from a PDF worksheet. The storyline was developed by entering several different triggers and conditions. Click here for the project link.